The lake house

                                                 Day 1

As me and my family pulled into the dirt road driveway I realized that mom and dad did to put a lot of money into doing this. The lake house that we were staying at was amazing the house was huge and the lake behind it we pretty much had all to ourselves and it looked beautiful with the full moon shining on it.

when me mom and dad were lugging in all the luggage my brothers were running around the house screaming not believing there eyes.

when we were done putting all of our stuff in the Lakehouse we started looking around and seeing all of the rooms my brothers decided to sleep in a really small room with a bunk bed and a little tv was on a small table thank god we brought some movie or my brothers would be screaming a night long.
Mom and dad were going to sleep in the master bedroom (no surprise there) and that meant I got to have the whole basement to myself and there was a flat screen tv I’m pretty surprised how fooled my brothers were on using a box tv while I’m with the good stuff.

As I put my Away I only then realized that I was only going to be here for the weekend so I will try to make the most of it and as I got in bed I put the Blankets on me from the car and looked up at the ceiling as I drifted into a deep sleep…

                                            Day 2

waking up at 10:30 just my luck I would have taken that any day but now but the fact that my brothers were occupied by the tv might have helped. Watching cars over and over again yep that’s my brothers all right! When I went upstairs my parents were totally different people my brothers not screaming might have been the difference. My dad was actually reading the newspaper! what busy dad like him has time to read the newspaper! When i wake up dad is always yelling at my brothers for waking him up.

when I sat at the table they both said good morning and I said the same in reply. As I sat down mom passed me a plate full of crispy bacon and some eggs that’s when I realized how hungry I really was. As I ate (all the bacon) and most of the eggs my dad asked me if I wanted to go fishing. I have never gone fishing with my dad before since he’s so busy so I said yes.


*                                                              *                                                   *


As I poked the worm on my end of the hook I casted it in the water. I don’t fish all that much but when I do I always get lucky. the second I sent my worm in the water a Gigantic tug and I was caught off guard but I tugged with all my might and out came a gigantic bass with my dad saying in the background don’t let go! don’t let go! And as I put what felt like a 100pound fish I lugged on the boat and the thing was huge I couldn’t even believe my own eyes and as my dad started slapping me on the back Way to go man! And as we turned the boat around we headed toward the lake house.

that was a day I would soon not forget.

The parade

Me and my family were getting ready for the parade but we weren’t doing what the kids were doing.

Maybe you are one of the students that stood in their driveway waiting to see you’re favorite Bowdoinham teachers but nope not me apparently since my mom works there (which makes her a teacher to) so we had to be IN the parade.

When we were getting ready in the car getting ready with the other teachers in the parking lot (we kept our distance from each other) I felt tired and bored in the back of the Buick while mom and dad were  getting the car decorated with signs like I MISS YOU BOWDOINHAM and stuff like that as mom and dad went in to get buckled up we saw the sheriff in the front and we went off.

Then as we were going about 20mph passing people’s house with some of the house’s driveways were filled with kids and some weren’t.

After about an hour of my mom standing up and down through the sunroof screaming (name) it’s so good to see you buddy!!!!!!!!!! And all that stuff that’s when I started to get nauseous especially with my dad like I said going 20 mph then slowing down to five automatically so mom could say hi to the students and so they could see them.

That’s when I start to get miserable as I was crouched up in the backseat with my seatbelt as tight as could be and the stopping and going to help either but by now. I knew that the parade will end soon because my dad told me that the parade would at least be an hour long but boy was he wrong.

Since I can get carsick pretty easily after another hour I started looking for a bucket because after to hours of stopping and going and mom yelling kids names the extremely cold wind hitting my face and when I crouch over then I have even worse stomach pains and my brothers screaming just for me to be annoyed.

After I wished I stayed home and watched the Simpsons and read at home I kept on asking are we almost done yet? Are we almost done yet? Are we almost done yet? and the answer was always the same no no no no no no NO!

And just when I was about to explode the car at the very front went to the gas station and So did the other cars the second this happened my dad said and a low tone of voice….. are we on a gas break or something but about two seconds later I realized that the parade was finally over. As teachers went out of their cars to take off all the decorations (some chatted a little) I finally felt relaxed and relieved that the parade was finally Over. As mom and dad got into the car with satisfied looks on their faces we finally drove home.

Working at home.

Working at home….. it’s so strange so different so… weird.

apparently my mom knew that this day would come because she’s been hoarding whatever would be helpful in a drawer downstairs for 5 years straight! My mom even has DESKS in the basement from an old school she used to work at.

now since me and everyone in the district is being homeschooled I think it’s safe to say that it kind of stinks. Reason number one which doesn’t even have to do with school unless you include the bus YOU CANT GO ANYWHERE!!!!!!!
number two you can’t see your friends and like I said you can’t go see them either because of this stupid coronavirus garbage. And number three school is better then homeschool.

but there are reasons why I LIKE being homeschooled first of all people like me are a long way from school so it takes forever to get home plus all you have to do is go straight to your work with no mini lesson.

but besides that I’d rather be at school with my friends my teachers and even the classrooms I miss. So I really hope this Coronavirus dies          when it warms up a little so everything can go back to normal. So we can get back to school and say goodbye to homeschooling……

The Hotel

                                                                          The Hotel

It was the year 2017 when me and my mother were on what seemed to be a forever drive.  I was in the back of the Rustbucket Durango crowded with unnecessary needs that we didn’t even need for the trip.

You might not know a clue what’s happening right at this moment so let me fill you in with what you missed…

Me and my mother were going to a 4-star hotel where there we could do or get anything we want! My mom has never done anything like this with me mostly because of my two younger brothers both mom and dad have to deal with. Now that mom is finally free (and poor dad is probably losing his mind) we can do whatever we want now that there’s only me and mom (like I’ve mentioned several times).

Suddenly while I was staring out the window there stood the hotel with fancy lights in every corner you could see. Ethan we’re here-but she didn’t even have to finish her sentence because I was already running out of the hot humid horrible car at the door.

All mom did was smile as she went to the trunk to get her stuff. Once she had her things we stepped into the hotel no screaming brothers no dad yelling at them just us.

The first thing we saw was the beautiful decorations and noticed a small kind man handing us our room key. When we found our room it was a small little room with an enormous bed a recliner a fair sized bathroom and a tv the size of the bathtub it’s self. Mom was just as amazed as I was just staring at things repeating this is awesome Ethan this is awesome Ethan this is awesome Ethan and indeed it was.

Hey Ethan I heard this place has a pool mom said randomly course I’d love to go in the pool! Once we had our bathing suits on we raced to the pool which seemed to be the size of a football field and as deep as Atlantic Ocean itself when I looked down with my goggles. When me and mom stepped in it was like being in a hot tub but there wasn’t much to do anyway there was no pool toys of any sort and there was no diving board either but the temperature  of the pool practically forced us to stay same with 20 other people who were starting to look like prunes for how much time they spent in the pool.

That was about the time when we decided to head to our room and call it a night.

*                                                          *                                                            *

Once we were in our room we just changed our clothes and put on god knows what on the tv. After a couple of minutes of just laying on the bed I realized how tired I was and once I turned around I slipped into a deep deep sleep………



Out To The Movies

One day in the beginning of December it was like any other day…

It was after math class and we were going into literacy I was waiting in line ready for the next period.

Until this kid named Solomon who I have a pretty good relationship with asked me some thing no one has ever asked for a long time…

Solomon asked if he wanted me to watch STAR WARS THE RISE OF SKYWALKER with some other friends of his at the the movie theaters next Sunday.

He knew I liked Star Wars and it would give me some thing to do and look forward to during Christmas vacation.

I couldn’t wait to go home after school and try to get a yes from my parents it was fine with them as long as I didn’t act like a fool at the movies.

Sure enough I was right about what I said and all I had to do was be serious but how could I be a fool when the last Star \Wars is in theaters and I’ll be in front of the screen?

*                                                                        *                                                                       *

2 days later it was the big day and I was as ready as I’ll ever be so when we pulled in at Smitty’  dad gave me my ticket I said goodbye as he drove away……..

Usually my family is always late but this time I was right on time because when I pulled in so did Solomon.

Me him and the other kids were ready for the movie to start but the movie wouldn’t start in about 18 minutes so we gave the cashier the tickets and played Terminator Salvation and racing games in the arcade.

Finally it was time for the movie to start and we all got front row (expect me and Nolan) but we didn’t really care we still did get pretty good spots.

Then the movie started but for writing this blog I don’t want to spoil anything so all I’m going to say that in the middle of the movie a waitress was walking around looking for some body to order something.

I decided I could order some thing since I brought a little bit of money with me. when I called her over she came right over I’ve been meaning to get her last time but I was to focused on the movie and the menu.

May I take your order? she said in a way that meant she was annoyed by some thing.

May I have an iron man burger size small please I say with a side of french fries. when I finished my order she left.

By now the movie was about a third done with when the waitress came back with a burger the size of my face with the french fries stuffed to the side thank you! I said while I thought the burger was going to last me the week and how good of a deal it was for just 11 dollars!!

For the rest of the movie I enjoyed myself as I ate the with the bacon sticking out with melty cheese with tons of french fries.  I left as the movie finished people spilled out of the movies but not us as we shot terminators in the arcade until it was time to go.



Slice of life ……. getting ready for school everyday

Every morning I wake up at 6:20 Am for school. and I have to go to school at   8:00 am

The second I wake up my mom is one walk with my dog Dani.

My mom says to always get in the freezing cold shower that I have to use.

There are 2 bathrooms in that house one is in the hall (the one I use) and there’s one in my mom and dads bathroom and of course that shower is nice and warm how do I know that?

Don’t ask.

It also stinks to use that shower because it’s not only cold in the shower it doesn’t have anything coming out of it!

Anyway after I have goosebumps and I’m shivering it’s time to change and eat breakfast.

By now mom’s back and she’s in the nice and warm shower and also my disgusting and annoying brothers are up.

After eating breakfast and making it’s 7:30 at first it’s hard to believe but then I remember why it’s from all of the stalling out of bed I (forgot to tell you).

So now I run outside feed the chickens run back in brush my teeth now it’s 7:50 when I get my backpack just before I walk out I’m always get distracted for five minutes making dumb faces in the mirror.

Then mom yells for not hustling and I run out the door.

Just in time for school.

Slice of life story how I feed the chickens everyday

Every morning before school my mother tells me to feed the chickens.

You might be thinking wow that stinks or that’s a real bummer.

Well that’s NOT what I think.

Honestly I really like my chickens and it’s not because we get lots of eggs like the reason people even have chickens.

I know this is going to sound weird but me and my mom actually treat our chickens like pets.

Anyway in the morning after my mom tells me or I remind myself to feed the chickens like most people we give the chickens compost with some oatmeal on top in the winter.

But what’s oatmeal without any water? Well the answer to that is that we Boil the water.

And what I mean by boil it I don’t mean using the stove I mean putting cold water in this old machine and boils it for you!

After the machine finishes doing it’s job all you need to do is dump the really hot water in the container we use for the compost evenly.

Next thing I do every morning is walking into the coop and put the container next to the chickens (which they are going crazy over).

The next last steps are the easiest ones of all.

while the chickens are eating the compost I grab some seeds from another container which are sunflower seeds and corn.

Finally I dump water in a heated bowl and collect the eggs.

Then I say goodbye to the chickens and do the same thing the next morning.

Just some dumb fish!!!



Waking up on christmas morning at your grandmother’s house to the smell of sizzling bacon was the best!

 I started wondering what was waiting for me below the christmas tree Walking down the stairs and seeing how much presents there were was like harmony!!

I’m sure to get my long wanted pet in there … a hamster I want one because I’m lonely and bored at the house and it would keep me company they seem pretty simple to take care of.


Anyway, after seeing the number of presents I wanted to get breakfast over with so we could go straight to opening them after that.

When I sat down I got to sit right next to my aunt brianna who is really nice and gives me something she knows I want any Guesses of what I got you Ethan?. She asked

Not really I replied baseball? Harry Potter books? Clothes Hamster I thought 

good guesses but no. She said with a smirk on her face…………..



*                *                                                *


Finally it was time to open presents.

on christmas my dad spends his time handing out presents to people 

And opens his in the end.

Sitting there and feeling sorry for him for some time something then caught my eye.

It was the shape of a cage for a hamster!

That got me really so Excited my cheeks turned red just because it’s the shape of a cage doesn’t mean it’s a cage with a hamster!!! It could be just about anything as long as it’s in a box!Some things are just square Originally!!

But still I Guarantee it’s a cage for a hamster.

All I got in the Other presents were some clothes a cool book gift cards candy (in my stockings.) and a hat…. After that there was only one present left it was the final present.

Turns out it was from aunt brianna so I had a Huge Advantage of getting a hamster because I told her I really wanted one about a month ago.

Anyway I got super Excited but before I opened it a twenty dollar bill which was awesome.

In the card was just merry christmas Ethan and all of that baloney.

Wow this woman is really spoiling me!

 I thought Now I was 100% sure I was getting a hamster!

As I opened the present I was bulging with excitement and what I saw was fish!!

All of my Excitement went down the drain I got super Disappointed but aunt brihanna didn’t notice my disappointed so she gave me some fish food and Carried on with her day.

But before she left she said that these 6 fish were an endangered species and that  I had to take good care of them.

Then I was all alone… by myself with these dumb fish just some dumb fish!

But after an hour 

 I Decided name them after all they are my pets after all now spot is for the tiny one blobby is for the fat (and stupid one) spikey is for the fish that had spikey fins jeff for the black one and so on….

Then that’s when I realized how cool these things really are like if you look at jeff from an angle he looks more blue then black spot was brainy and was trained. 

For example, he can do a flip in the water and jump out of the tank!

Blobby was clumsy and funny and spikey was brainy and funny!

Once I realized how cool these things were I wanted to say thank you to aunt brianna then tomorrow I would get supplies for my fish.

I ran into the room she was in and said….

Aunt brianna! I just wanted to say thanks …

Ethan! She cut me off I wanted to give you one last present before I leave.

Then she pulled off a blanket covering something square with a hamster inside!!!!!!!

Ethan….. merry christmas!!!!!!



               Author’s note 

The story of these fish was a true story except I didn’t get them all at once it’s true about their personality though.

They are all dead if you are wondering how they died this is what happend in order spot died in his sleep blobby died by jumping out of the 

tank (no surprise) spikey died of natural causes and jeff well he suffered of a Disease.

They all died at old age (except blobby) 

But they were not an Endangered Species.

But don’t feel bad for them because they were well taken care of…


Ps I never had a hamster before so I don’t have anything to say about the “hamster”.